Thursday, April 3, 2014

Camping Around The World in!

The month of April's theme is "Camping Around The World" in and I have been so excited about getting to participate in dropping paz, hanging out and exploring with others! will also be doing another FTW (Free There Weekend) this month for those of you who have or have not experienced this fantastic virtual world. Come on in and join the fun! We'll be waiting!

First you much see this amazing video made by one of our most favorite There members pHluid, on owner of's blog:

Click here to watch!

Camping Around the World

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Help Support Twisted Pixel Designs

Hello there! I enjoy creating items for the virtual world and would like to continue bringing in content. I have recently added a donate button to my website and any little bit helps! Thank you very much!

Monday, December 30, 2013

My Return to

I have returned to

As of 12/29/2013, it has been one month since my return to There. I had recently returned because of the ending to my nine year relationship. I've always enjoyed this virtual world and have made wonderful friends over the years. Now is the time where their friendship and support is greatly needed as I try to recover from a broken heart. Sure getting support from people off-line is important as well but as someone who suffers from social anxiety and lives pretty much in the middle of now where currently, it is difficult to meet or make friends. I then fall back to the old way I meet, make and hang out with friends because it is easier for me.

It has been a great first month back in There. I've moved my avatar into a neighborhood called "Hippie Island" where most of my favorite people live. Being in a virtual world allows me to be comfortable being myself with less judgment from others such as meeting face to face. First impression people get from meeting other people is the way we look. We see each other first, so the thought that I am judged by my looks first, scares me. No I do not feel so much that I look much different than anyone else but as I grew up I saw myself as very different when I looked in the mirror even though I looked much like everyone else even then. Without the worry of being judged by how I look I can relax and talk with people. I've recently moved from typing to communicate to using voice chat in world to communicate with those I feel comfortable with. Typing is always much easier because people can judge and tell more about a person by the sound of their voice. So meeting people in a virtual world is just so much easier for me as it removes the physical panic my body and emotions goes through meeting physically.

You might judge, believe or decide that this is not a healthy way to meet or socialize with others and I agree somewhat as I understand the differences. It is better to be comfortable with your physical self and be able to approach others without fear and if it was that simple I would most likely prefer to meet and hang with people face to face most of the time. Though it might be considered unhealthy, for myself, it feels the healthier way only due to the fact that my body doesn't go through the stress caused by my social anxiety disorder. is a great alternative! And it is not just for people who have an SA disorder or whatever, it is for people all over the world to meet and hangout!

I love all of my Therian friends :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Am Not

At this time I am not because it costs a monthly fee to be there. My opinion there is because I was a designer in and provided members with items to buy, which cost me money to submit and list as well as effort and time is that contributor's such as I should not have to pay the monthly fee. Those not registered as designers maybe should pay a monthly maintenance fee. 'shrug

Like I said... just my opinion.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The New Developer Approval Process

The New Developer Approval Process seems to have started its new peer review process which will be how developer items will get or not get into world. The process seems simple as you simply click "Developer Program" from the home page of the website

and on the next web page you would click "Review Something", from the menu on the left side of the screen.

This will then take you to a page that is more of a list product images and their descriptions. Click review to learn more about the item and from there you may vote whether you believe the item is fit for world. You may also leave comments about the item, but this seems to already be a problem, as shown below.

and again here...
As you can see from those images trouble makers can make their way into this area and share their love ('sarcastic laugh). What I would like to know is how in the hell did someone get away with creating a screen name with words like that in it to begin with??!! Yes, I understand that is back to an adults only social virtual world but practically anywhere I've signed up for an account, it picks up certain words and will not allow them. Has this been removed when choosing a screen name for since it became adult only? That is a hurtful name no matter what age you are! That name should not have been accepted as an appropriate screen name in the first place!

Sure adding a filter to screen name creating would solve that problem but then we have commenting by reviewers. Words such as "Fucking" and "Faggot" are not being filtered to protect users when leaving comments either. Why?!! I don't care if this is still in a testing phase or any other phase; members are able to view and participate in this, therefore they need to be protected from nasty, hurtful words like this.

I am sure something is being done about this as I write but let's try to think and plan better before opening up something like this to members. Other than that, the process seems to be going well as long as drama, hate speech and the such stay out of it. Wishing the best to you all! I will continue to wait to submit items until things are working properly and have been working properly for sometime, as well as when the chances of being attacked are much less. 

Thank you all for the hard work that have got this far since it has reopened! Hope to have better news to write about, the next time I blog. 


(Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake in this blog post, by sending me a message. Thanks!)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Texture Time!

I have not been back in since I ended my subscription but I see from MW's Wordpress blog and facebook friends that people are submitting items. I really wanted to create textures for even if I'm not in world. I sure do miss designing clothing and stuff for people and still want to learn modeling so that I can get to the point where I can submit my first model into

I've also been creating textures and listing them for sale on under the name AngryTipi. Look for them if you are needing textures!